Thursday, August 20, 2009

Am I to Post?

I'm not sure I'm supposed to post back, or message you on one of our other forums, or what. I was thinking we haven't been sharing music over the last few posts so I'm glad you did this, but I hope it doesn't mean we are skipping the last one. Thoughts are hazy. I might be going crazy. Excuse my unclearness.

To the point. That song, better than the first 3 you shared, not as good as Dog Days Are Over, for me. It gets better after the first minute. Here's the thing w/ Florence for me, I don't like the way her music is produced, she has this cool voice & it's always in the front. There is all kinds of cool stuff happening in the background that is overshadowed. I like to hear more of that & less of her--@ least sometimes. So even though, her song have complexity they leave me a little bored.

A song I think you will like. A video I wonder what you'd think of. A band that will take some getting used to. A band that becomes addicting.

Do you always click my links? I feel like I rarely know what you think.

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