Saturday, August 1, 2009

68 days !

And then again I am so sorry that you have to wait for my post so long. Another summer day in Poland - too hot to get out of the room , too sunny to walk without sunglasses , to windy to have your hair done as you wish it to be. I've just made myself an iced coffee so I feel much better. Coffee is a life-giving drink, I swear. If there was no coffee , I'd die long time ago.

When I was talking that my hands were heavy I meant that literally - don't you have the feeling sometimes that you're too weak to hold your own hands with you and do anything ? Hm. Maybe I'm just being awkward sometimes. I don't know why my ear still hurts - I've been taking antibiotics for almost a week now , and it should have stopped hurting few days ago ... I mean it's not such a pain like it was on sunday , but it still hurts a little .
But it doesn't interrupt me in listening to Tori . I bought the ticket yesterday - it was probably the craziest trip of the last month . The whole mission took me ... about 5 hrs ;D But finally , i got it and I can't wait for the gig ! Just 68 days !

I love counting down the days . Then I know that I am actually waiting for something and it's like the motivation to do something that will make the time run faster and I feel safer knowing , that there's something important waiting for me. I was always counting down the days when I was about to fly to Scotland or my boyfriend was coming over my place , or before the holidays. It may be funny , but I like it , it gives a little thrill of excitement ^^ .

Album out by Christmas , definitely ! But now I have to try to compose something interesting . To be honest I haven't started to work on that yet ... But you know that I will , you have my word. I need to clarified my vision of the piece , then I will show you what I got , k ?

I bought today a dress. Really nice one. I love black , but recently I got bored with that and I was buying clothes&stuff in other colours , and then I realized that I don't have a simple , summer dress which is black. And today I found one which was perfect. And It was probably the cheapest one I have bought recently because I listened to Florence's advice - check what they have in second hand's , if you don't find something interesting then you can go to the shopping center. Now I know why she does look so great - her style is adorable and amazing in my opinion so I was looking for something similar in the shopping center recently , but unfortunately didn't find anything. And then,yesterday I went to the 2ndhand shop and that was it - the kindgom of Florence. It may sound weird too but as long as it looks great, I'm going to look there for original stuff. And it's good for my pocket = my parent's pocket ;D .

I'd like to show you where I live . Everyone knows where SF is , but nobody knows where's Katowice , so I'll show you the map . Haha ! ^^ I believe that you know generally in which part of Europe is Poland, so I won't show you a map of Europe *smiles*. There's the map .
The red dot is the city , where I used to live [and where Tori gig takes place] - Zabrze city , I lived there for almost 18 years , but then I moved to the Mikolow city - the pink dot. Yellow dot - Sosnowiec city - is the place where I'm going to study . I mean orginally the University of Silesia [ Silesia is the name of the region I live in ] has it's main seat is located in Katowice - the capital of the region ,but the filology institute is in Sosnowiec .
Hm . what else can I tell you about Poland hm ... i don't know . Maybe you want to know something ? Just let me know and I'll try to provide you all the information you need ^^ .

Iza .

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