Wednesday, August 5, 2009

last day of magic.

Keithen ,
Since yesterday we got an awesome weather . I call it 'an English weather' , because there's sunny outside , but not so hot , it's windy and actually It's a perfect weather for me ^^ .

I got an idea - I can't write lyrics , but it seems you got a thing for that stuff so you have my permission to use any line I write , change it however you like , just use you're imagination and create something great, like you always do . I didn't make any music yest - I'm busu with little children there , and with my dog and cat and I am exhausted . Seriously , I need few days off , to get out of the house to the place where's no animals , no children and no toys. Fortunately I found the right place - my friend offered to invite me over his place for few days , so next week I'll have few days of calm and peace . To be honest I can't wait for that .

Thank you for the explanation of my usage of the word 'literally' ^^ you're right , I like to know such linguistic stuff ^^ . And of course you exactly get my point there *smiles*.

The Ticket trip ... So , it's a long and kinda crazy story . It happened on friday. I woke up and I was chatting with my friend , Anita . She lives 500 km away [ the trip there takes 7,5h if you take the train ] but we're really good friends. She mentioned , that there's not so many ticket left for the Tori gig and I should buy it before it's all sold out . I am crazy about Tori , so I started to panick that I will have money not before september and it may be too late . My mom told me I have to wait from the cash transfer for my dad and then she may lend me the money I need , but then my dad called me he won't do the transfer before monday . I got angry, becuse my mom still didn't want to give me the cash . When I finally got it , I wanted to buy ticket via the Internet , but then It turned out that I can't do that because the site, where the tickets are being sold doesn't work with the bank I have account in , so the only way to buy the ticket was to go to the point there they sell them . I found an adress of the place I can buy ticket in , in the Mikolow - the city I live in. Without any explanation I get out of the house - I just put on something , take the bag that didn't mach at all , didnt do my hair , any make up - I looked like horrible , I swear. But it didn't matter , I was so excited about the ticket that anything was more important then. When I got there , the woman there told me that the computer is broken and she couldn't sell me the ticket. With my eyes filled with tears , I started to think intensively where else I could go. I called my sister and asked her if she can check other points with the tickets that are around . When she gave me the adress , I jumped into the bus to the Gliwice - by bus , the ride takes about 1h . So finally , i found the record shope where they sold me the ticket , then I had to go back home. That's why it took me so long ^^ . But I got it hidden deep in my drawer and I can't wait for the gig *smiles* .

Of course I know Mussorgsky - I passed an exam in history of music on an advanced level , i got 80% , so I think I am quite good at that ^^ . What's wrong with him ? *smiles*

Well , making an album is a big challenge for both of us and I think 'you have my word' was used right in this case . All in all , we're making a great deal and it requires a great trust credit .

I love dresses ! It caused by few reasons . Firstly , I am not a tall girl , I got just 164 cm [ about 5'4" ] and I'm not a skinny girl . I mean , I am not extremely fat or smoething - I have really feminine body shape and some things I have to hide *smiles* so I do look much better in dresses than in jeans . My legs are simply too short ;D . Secondly , I like to look like a girl - and dress faciliates to do that a lot ! ^^ My favourite dress is the pink one - let me show you the picture . Plus, you can see me there in the dark hair ^^ .

Yaaay , I am glad I made you happy with the whole map idea. And it's so great that you're really itnerested in all those funny details . I think I should start to take the camera with me and take the pictures for you . Next time when I'm on train , I'll take tons of photos for you so you can see everything ^^ . Don't worry , I won't tell you any historical facts , because I don't know that - I am not a fan of history at all . And it's simply boring .
So I'll try to answer all your question .
When I take the train I'm usually 15 mins before the train arrives so I light up a cigararette [ I am a bad smoker ] and sit on the bench , listening to music . When the train arrives , I find a place which is not occupied and where are no people next to - I hate when I have to sit next to someone strange and accidentaly the person touches me with the bag etc. I hate it with passion. I take the sit next to the window . The train stops on the proper stations . Some are really small, some big, but it's never just a platform next to the road. Actually I started riding train about 1,5 yr ago, so it didn't have a chance do change a lot ;D . Of course I rode the train before, but just occasionaly and it seems it looked similar. But my mom told me that when she was younger the trains were much cheaper than nowadays. Still , sometimes is much cheaper to take the train than to go somewhere by car. The train stops on the station by itself , you don't have to push/pull anything. Sometimes I read in the train , I used to do maths and English in the train while I was riding to school , or coming back from school .

The second hand store ... it depends on the city and the store . In Zabrze there's one huge 2ndhand store , it's situated in the hall where used to be ... slaughterhouse. But it was really long long time ago . Though everyone still calls the place 'Slaughterhouse' - in Polish it's Rzeznia . The whole place is tiled and quite weird,spooky and unpleasant, but there's a lot of things. There's of course no display windows. But 2ndshops in Mikolow looks like casual boutiques , with a display windows where are usually some manequines in random dresses , blouses etc . There are dressing rooms , but it's nothing special - like everywhere else , a mirror and a small dress hanger on the 'wall' of the dressing room . I never pay attention how many cashiers is there , and generally i don't have to stay in the line for long time - few mins .
I know why you're asking and I totally understand you - it's completely different continent and like we know - the devil is in the details . ^^
i wouldn't mind if you tell me something that you find interesting about SF & California , because frankly I don't know what to ask about , I have to many questions about everything . So anything you can tell me would be good .
And If you want to visit Poland , you can always stay at my place. And I am being serious about this proposition *smiles* .

Its 4pm there and I have to go to play the violin - I play on the wedding at the church on saturday and I have to prepare something .


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