Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I've Never Seen a Light Move, like Yours can do to Me

I'm sad to hear you are having difficulties w/ your ear again, I hope things get better soon.

It's 14 C˚ & 12:30 in the middle of the night. Last I was out it was getting a bit misty. I'm listening to Tori's Boys For Pele, though I am supposed to be listening to this band called TheTrees, or it might be The Trees. I am supposed to review them for my blog but I'm not in the mood, so here I am where all my blogging started.

I suppose I took a bit to get back to you too, then again, do we count the weekends? I don't think either of us has ever posted on the weekend.

Californians have the least reason to complain about weather--along the coast @ least--but might complain more than anyone. Our weather is pretty static. I've been in SF for 10 years & I don't think it has ever been colder than 30 F˚--32 F˚ is 0 C˚. I'm pretty sure it hasn't been hotter than 95 F˚--that's a 65 F˚ difference from the hottest point of the hottest day compared to the coldest point of the coldest night. That's pretty temperate if you ask me. But we are used to such minimal change that we complain all of the time.

I have to interrupt myself & get back to Tori for a bit. Listening to this album really takes me back to hight school. I used to listen to it so much. I forget, or am often not in the mood to remember, how much it gets through me. It's hard focus when it's on & I'm susceptible to it's magic. Caught a Light Sneeze is on now, which might, forever--now--remind me of you, lite_sneeze. :)

On The Velveteen Rabbit quote: I see the question "does it mean having things that buzz inside you & a stick-out handle?" followed w/ the Horse's answer as the Horse's clarification that it is not what is inside you that you are made of. In other words, not what you are made of, but how you use it. I find it funny how the Horse says, "…not just to play w/." I see this as a sort of metaphor--Hey, Jupiter is on so I'll pause, if I don't ask you about this track, remind me to. So, yeah, it's a metaphor to lovers who don't want to love. Even though we are discussing a toy, there is more that can be had. Like in a romantic relationship, though lust is important, there is other aspects that are important. When the Horse says, when you are real you don't mind being hurt, means when the love is real, you can forgive. So that's my take, Iza. I am now curious about your thoughts. I am, too, curious to what it was that made you ask. I hope that you can remember.

I want to commend you on your openness & attempt @ understanding your parents. As for the bit about the film, you lost me. On respect, it's true, once it's gone there is little hope & regaining respect is harder than gaining it in the first place. However, I disagree that love is a chance to be perfect. To the contrary, actually, it should be a chance to be flawed & an encouragement to be perfect. I want to say that again; love is the chance to be flawed & an encouragement to be perfect. That, however, is only one side of it. On the other side, it is the encouragement given to be the best one can be, & the understanding, & acceptance, of ones shortcomings. Love is described as, a strong affection. But what does that mean? To me, it is simply defined as someone I want to know for the rest of my life, someone I want to know always. It isn't hard to feel love for another, though, it is hard to continually love someone. True love is not easy, it is not simple, it takes effort; though, when you really love someone you make the effort. I wrote something recently, it hasn't been edited & it's long, but I'd like to paste it in here for you to read anyway.


She seems to have made up her mind,

she wants to be left alone for a while

a month, she said?

For now that's what she seems to want.

Maybe you can do that for her,

maybe not,

I don't know.

& I've been there too

I know that sometimes staying friends is hard

& I know that wanting to be stay friends

is strong sometimes.

You say you are immature,

& after todays back & forth

I don't entirely disagree.

However, I do see trying to stay friends

as the mature thing to do.

You tried, but it's not taking.

If she can't do it now

you have to ask yourself

if you can let her be until she can.

I'm sure you both did bad things

we all have.

But you are not together


& if you wanted to be a friend,

and if you are really over it,

you have to treat her as a friend.

You have to give her her space

& give her her time.

It's easy for us to bring all the bad

from an old relationship

into a new one,

& lover to friend

is a new play

w/ old actors.

But a new story,


Perhaps you are not ready

to be just friends,

but that's your decision.

Maybe you don't feel you should have to wait,

again, your decision.

As I see it,

that relationship is over

& you are trying to start something new,

a friendship.

What seeds will you sow,

those from a poor season

or something plentiful?


I'll leave you w/ that. Get better, cara.

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