Monday, August 3, 2009

Behind Garbage Bins & Abandoned Playgrounds


This was going to be called "144 days!" As in the amount of time until we release our LP. But I don't want it to seem like this pressure or deadline. I'll just wait until I'm done writing to title this like I usually do.

So the weather was verging on my idea of perfect today 19 C˚ Sunny but w/ patchy clouds & just enough wind to tussle my hair & make me think I look really sexy walking down the street. Of course there is always a car window to remind me what I look like & shatter the fantasy. *shrugs*

Goodness, Iza! This is so many great lines in your last post. I'm not sure if I should ask you to send me more lyrics/poems from your youth or if I should just take bits & pieces of your letters & turn them into something. I almost got something from "68 days !" but it was too weak or I was not thinking hard enough. I think it's best I just collect the lines I like until something solid comes together. You could could also send me more writing. *smiles hopefully*

Company has arrived, I'll be back.

So it's like 10 hours later & I'm back @ about 3:15 in the morning. I don't know where I was so I'm just going to go to the reply part of this. Your hands were not literally heavy. You were weak from your sickness, so weak that your hands felt heavy. They were the same weight they always are, so the word literally should not be used there. These days some people are using literally like an exclamation point, I'm pretty sure that's not how you mean to use it & I know about your strive to perfect your english. I'm just saying this cos I think you would want to know. I'm pretty sure I know what you mean, that they literally felt heavy. I don't think you are being awkward, you were sick & just woke up from a nap. That seems pretty normal to me. I hope your ear is better by now.

What was so crazy about your trip to get tickets? Why did it take 5 hours?

We've talked about the album. I don't know if you like to work w/in themes but I think some of the themes we should have are Dual Perspectives--just like our blog--& Internet Communication--both as a reflection of the times, but also because of our past w/ long distance relationships & finally as it's our mode of communication. I also hope that we can consciously take inspiration from the romantic area, as that seems to be our strongest musical connection. I hope this helps w/ whatever you do to clarify a piece & doesn't seem confusing. Speaking of romantic music do you know Modest Petrovich Mussorgsky? The phrase "you have my word" means a great deal to me so I'm going to assume you are just using it as an expression & wont hold you to it. But next time I won't let you off so easily. :)

I'd love to see your dresses, not enough girls wear dresses. Second hand stores are awesome, been shopping there for over a decade.

This is so long, so I'm going to try to wrap it up. First: Great idea, I want to know everything about where you are! Second: I love, LOVE, maps, so thank you, truly. Let me explain what I mean by everything as best as I can. I have no interest in facts & little interest in history--unless it is your personal history--because I am not likely to remember that stuff. I want to know the details. When you take a train to Zabrze do you wait on a bench or do you stand; does the train stop @ proper stations or are they more like platforms on the side of the road, or both; if they are on the side of the road is there a bench, does it have a little roof, or just a sign; is there lots of seating or do you often stand; have the trains changed much from when you started riding them; do you have to push a button or pull a cord to stop, or do they stop everywhere; is there a lot of graffiti, what's a lot; do you read on the train; is it a bumpy ride; does it smell like anything; is it electric or gas? When you go to the second hand store is there a parking lot; what are the display windows like; what is sold there; is the floor carpet or tile, if carpet is it short; are there dressing rooms, what are they like; how many cashiers are there, are they nice; do you wait long in line; do you get bags or boxes for your purchases; if bags, what are they made of and is the bad made for the second hand store, or is it just a plain old bag? Please understand I'm not asking cos I care about how much gum is on your sidewalks or if your dressing rooms have mirrors, I ask cos I want to know what your world is like. I realized that these little things that we just assume are the same everywhere you go, are not the same. I don't want you to answer all of those questions, that'd be kinda crazy, but when you answer my question about your crazy trip to get tickets throw in some details that seem normal or average. I know it's hard, I'm sitting here thinking of what I could say as an example. I think out of context of a story, it might seem odd. It's verging on 4:30 am.




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