Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Draw me a Sketch & I'll be the Devil in your Details


I'm sort of out of it & I'd much prefer to be chatting w/ you than letter writing, but I have coffee & we have work to do. :) It's overcast still but warmer @ 21 C˚. I already hate doing the weather every time, but I hope it will help me & unfortunately only time will tell.

I was up until about 3:30 last night working on our 1st song. I had this zany idea of going backwards & starting w/ the vocals. Stupid. Not to mention I'm arguably, a bad singer. But I'll get back to all of this later.

When you say your hands feel 'heavy' do you mean asleep? Like there was no blood in them? When I wrote something to break the silence I hoped you could imagine the music that would fit the piece we wrote. This would allow you to listen to music w/o the use of your ears. Oh, well, you seem better enough to listen again. *smiles* Or maybe I read your mind when I wrote it, or your sent me a telepathic message, who knows.

Did I mention that the St. Vincent album Actor was done as an exercise & recording entirely in Garage Band? She thought, just for practice, that she would score some of her favorite film scenes & when she was done, she had an album. That's what I heard anyway.

There is that word chuffed again. It's so strange, sounds so negative but is totally positive. I like our differences too, Iza. The whole point of this blog is to celebrate diversity. That's the excuse anyway. ;)

So for the next bit I get all kinds of flattered, & bashful, & just, I don't know. I'll just say, thank you. But also, thank you for sharing. I like this co-creator thing too. I hope we do more co-writing. So what do you say, album out by Christmas???

I really serious about this, you make the sketch & I'll be the devil in your details thing. Send me a few tracks, don't mess w/ them, just send solid recordings of solid performances. You have to find Andrew Bird videos, weather you like his music or not you could get some much out of seeing all the stuff he does w/ one violin--which is why it must be a video.

Okay, I sort of have to leave so this is gonna get sloppy. I'll send my revision of the lyrics to you soon w/ music ideas I have. Lustful is a good one. Did we already discuss the thing that's bothering you, or was it about the lyrics? Already discussed Julian Plenti in chat. I tried to put the green to find one that worked better, failed. Maybe we could switch it up, take turns or something.

Here's some Mr. Bird ;)


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lustful <3

It's midnight , I just got up - in fact I was just taking a nap,I feel unbelievebly tired today. And my hands feel so ... heavy? Weird. I can't decide what I'd like to listen to , so I am looking for something that actually could break the silence ;D .

1 - In this context the reciever was the reader . I am not writing the blog for myslef, I mean personally I am because nobody reads that in general, but I was thinking more about the idea of blog .
2 - US is a very liberal country and people generally tend to take everything too literally and sometimes they overuse some values, like freedom. The case with the homeless man is a ridiculous proof of that for me - he has chosen to be a vegetarian because that what freedom gives you - a right to choose what is better for you- but being a homeless , what probably he didn't choose to be, by making this choice he doesn't help himself at all, by rejecting food that contains meat. I hope you understand what I want to say ... ? People makes choices not because it may help them but because they have a possibility to choose whatever they think of. Of course I don't wanna be offensive or rude , that's just how I see that , on the basis of what I've ever read/seen/heard/watched.
3 - I did listen to St.Vincent and in fact, i am listening to her right now ^^ pretty nice stuff , but I don't think she will become my favourite artist .

You don't have to love each artist I'm gonna show you there, it's absolutely natural . I'm glad we have different,though alike musical tastes - then I'll be even more chuffed If I finally find something we both like ^^ .

The poem/lyrics thing was actually reaaaally old - I'm afraid you may be right , I was like 13-14 yrs old I guess . But I had no idea what I can write to you there ... *smiles*.
But , it happend it was a good thing because I absolutely love your improved version .
It's great to be a creator , but even better to be a co-creator . I couldn't think about something more beautiful , seriously. It's brilliant , and terrific.
I don't wanna change, I don't wanna add and edit anything there .

I had few programms - Sibelius , FruityLoopStudio and Audacity. I haven't discovered all special effects there yet - it's really time-consuming , but when you work on something too long it can be simply exhausting . And I am not patient enough recently so It just annoys me when something doesn't want to work as I wished it to. Plus , devil is in details so while the 'sketch' is easy to compose , the deatils can kill you , even if you love music so much . *smiles*

And I love the word 'lustful' ! I don't know why , it just sounds so beautifully .

There is actually one think that keeps bothering me , but it's for another post I guess.

Oh , and the music . Music music music :
Julian Plenti - Only if you run
I don't know if you know Interpol , but that's the solo project of the frontman , Paul Banks under the name Julian Plenti and actually it's my recent discovery , so I may show you that , we'll see if you like this kind of music *winks*.


p.s. I like the idea with links . And I am pleased you like the colours, even thought I prefered the green there . But it's really not a big deal , what is important it's a content,not the form of the blog ! ^^

Something to Break the Silence

Get better. No music--sad. But you're listening now & so am I. At the moment you are listening to all kinds of The Kills & I'm listening Black Star on Jurassic 5 Radio via Last. It's 16 C˚ & the sky is it's usual summer time grey. The fog is high & thick still so it might warm up if it brakes. My alarm just went off, it's 11am, but I woke up @ 7:30 for some reason. But back to your ailments. When you, of all people, can't listen to music it's a sad time indeed, @ least there is always reading. :)

This one will be long too, so I hope you are ready. First, all the questions you didn't answer last time: What does, "but I am not the potential receiver so I am not the one who should asses that," mean? What do you mean by, understand freedom too literally? Did you ever listen to St. Vincent?

Moving on. What a fantastic response to me not liking something you love. Though I do like some of her stuff. Often people recommend things & I'm like, ehh, then they get all worked up like I called their baby ugly. To be honest, I did wonder if your delay was cos you were upset, but then I figured it was just cos it was the weekend.

I just got this idea that we should have links to these bands we love so much so others can check them out.

Congratulations on your new job!!! That's so great. I also think it's great that you are considering your parents pocket book. As for the bands you are going to see I'm only into Tori on that list. I don't think I've even heard of most of them. Maybe I'll hear them on your Radio Station some time. I'm gonna do that right now. Or after this Chali 2na track.

Okay. Now. How Beautiful You Are is on, that's funny.

On to this poem/these lyrics. Did you write this? How long ago? I kinda don't think you wrote it. Or your english was far from it's current state. Maybe you were, like, 13. I don't think it's that good. I like a lot of the ideas, but the execution is sloppy. It's hard to analyze as I can't make much sense of any of it. I mean, I could make all kinds of cool stuff up but it'd be more my own ideas than context. Oh my gawd, you have so many redheads in your library. Sorry, I got distracted. Um, so I'm going to pretend you asked me to co-write some lyrics w/ you. Then take what I'm guessing is yours & then you might get an idea of what I think of this. : \ Ouu! Then you can rewrite it w/ your interpretation of what I do. We will carry on & on until we get something we both like. Then, maybe we can record a song just sending files back & forth.

She said, "the title will find itself"
I get frustrated w/ this riddle
Of what we are
I can't find the lines to say
Or the key words in her's
I can see her clearly
& she sees me
But there's a wall between us
A wall of bullet proof glass

She said, "if I am weak, you don't exist"
I get frustrated w/ this riddle
Of what we are
& we walk the streets until
sitting on steps
behind a closed shop

Stars start to explode inside our minds
& we pretend the summer night is cooler than it is
It's a swirl of untied laces & finger tips
A swirl of the killing sounds
A swirl in my head as her's nuzzles against mine
& that sound of hair against hair
the fibers shifting as our heads roll
like gears in a clock
It's a swirl of messy hair
until noses touch

Then a swirl of the killing sounds
Of quick hearts out of sync
Of swallows we hide
Of poses changing
Of bracelets falling to forearms
Of hands on necks
Of parting lips
Of stuttering exhales
Of lips sliding over dents
& tongues clicking
& fingers in hair

She said, "please come over & break the silence."

So there you go, I clearly think it's about 2 young people that don't know how to define their relationship. That is the frustration & the riddle--& in a sense the key words. The glass wall is the separation despite seeing an interest on the other's part. "If I am weak, you don't exist" means if she cannot overcome her fears of commitment the writer will disappear from her life. Though it's not clear if the writer knows this or if the writer has the same fears or not. Going out is spending time together, swirls & exploding stars are lustful thoughts &/or actions. I decided "the killing sounds" were literal sounds as that gives chance for the song to change & pick up & musically blow up. I also decided the first line was a better last line & the title of your last post was a better first quote to clarify this ambiguous relationship.

It could still use some work but it's more fleshed out. I'm getting some ideas for music. Try to come up w/ some melodies. I imagine 3 parts or movements. I wanted to tell you about Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, but this is long enough, & we have a song to co-write & record. What was that name of the recording program you mentioned the other day? Sign-in sometimes so we can chat.


Monday, July 27, 2009

the title will find itself.

Firstly , I'd like to apologize I didn't reply you earlier , but I haven't been at home for 3 days , then I got sick - actually I am still not feeling very well and I wasn't able to write.
I suffer from an inflamation of the ear and it hurts as hell , especially when I listen to music ... so generally , it sucks . But I hope I will be good till wednesday *smiles* .

Such a long post you've written there , oh my god. Oh no , I was almost sure you're gonna like Florence but well , seems you don't like this kind of music and actually that's okay ^^ . Next time I'll try to find something more appropriate for you .

Today I got a job. I'm gonna be a babysitter of my mom's friend and it's actually quite good job, especially that she lives next to our place and it's like spending time with my brother, so I can say I got lucky ^^ . Actually I need money right now - there's plenty of awesome gigs around and I got to be there and at the same time i don't want to take all those money from my parents.
It seems I'm gonna hear Fever Ray , Jon Hopkins , Tim Exile , Calvin Harris , MGMT , Tori Amos, Aphex Twin and much more in the next 2 moths ^^ omg , I am so excited ! aaaaaaa , this is absolutely amazing . I think I may explode there ;D .

You know what ? I didn't find anything touching recenly too and It is sad. But I got something else for you , as I know you love to analyze - some lyrics. Even though it wasn't meant to be lyrics ... I mean I have no idea what that was meant for , I found this on my computer an hour ago and I thought I may show you that .

She said 'Please , come over and break the silence'
I get so frustrated
We are a riddle
And I dont know the keywords
Theres a wall between us made of bulletproof glass
She said 'If i am weak , you dont exist'

And every night when we're going out
Stars start exploding inside our minds
Its a swirl , swirl of killing sounds .

Weird , isn't that ? I have no idea what can that mean ;D

Friday, July 24, 2009

Crawling verses Walking


No, it's doesn't suck--you should proof read though. More people should proof read, blogs especially. |Ya hear that internet community?? When you type something, go over it. Check for spelling errors, grammatical mistakes, & punctuation. I'm not looking for perfection, or even trying to take away from the manner in which one speaks--I like to see blogs in spoken script--just look like you tried. Of course, this is coming from the dyslexic guy.| But what I was saying was the words that you use are often so unusual, & I think it's good. I like it a lot. What does, "but I am not the potential receiver so I am not the one who should asses that," mean? You are the receiver of the complement.

I don't think I can use a single word to express clearly my feeling of How Beautiful You Are. I liked it is a gross understatement. I've been into that song since I was about 14 or 15. That, w/ If Only Tonight We Could Sleep, & Like Cockatoos are my favorite tracks on Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me. I tried to bring the lyrics in for a poetry reading assignment in High School, but was told that lyrics were not allowed. I was very upset, but then again I usually was upset in high school.

Who cares, indeed. I do actually. Not to say, that I expect you stop, but that I care to know those details of your life. In this text driven acquaintance, it's those little details that will allow us to get to know each other. I don't think anyone thinks dance is a perversion. Definitely not the right word, but I think I get it. Wait, it's followed by a wink, maybe it's a play on words--see you are good--& I'd have to agree.

It's hard to discuss the phrase nine hours of difference, it sounds metaphoric, I suppose. It's like a workday is 8, so 9 hours later is much different than that initial hour. I mean the mood an hour after getting off of work is much better than one's first hour of work. The same could be said about sleep time, as 8 hours is the supposed ideal sleep time. Both of these 8 hour segments are sort of standards in America. Our lives lose these two 8 hour slots every day, so 9 is an interesting choice. However, it wasn't a choice @ all, it was a fact: There is a 9 hour difference between you & me. But like I said, your way of putting it sounds much more poetic. I'd like you to loose some of this shame. Hopefully, you mean embarrassed not ashamed. Maybe you can send me a personal message explaining. *smiles hopefully*

Yeah, I can't remember what Radiohead I was listening too when I thought that.

Are you sick or just hot?

Speaking of the weather, I forgot my report. I've not been out today, but it's pretty cold in my apartment. I even had to put the range on. It's says it's currently 15 C˚ which isn't that cold. The fog did just break though, & the sun is leaking into the courtyard. I just stopped liking this blog's post box & had to move everything into TextEdit, which is like Notepad for Mac. Speaking of which, can we get rid of all this bright green on our page? Anyway, I didn't realize it got hot up in Poland, it seems so far north. Some time ago, you mentioned going to the pool & I thought that was more for swimming than for cooling off. I too don't do well in the heat. That could be a large part of why I was angry during my high school years.

I want to explain that the experiences I mentioned were in SF, not anywhere else in this country. I don't think either of us can speak for the country on a whole. I think I know what you mean when you say, a spoiled nation, though I don't think that is a very good way to put it. We are privileged, we are lucky, but our people brought us here (immigrants included), it's not as if we are getting hand outs. Though, I was talking about hand outs, wasn't I?? *smiles* What do you mean by, understand freedom too literally? We have laws, it's not anarchy over here. The next part I totally agree w/ & was what I was getting @ & questioning w/in myself. Yes, I do think it's natural, but that's never been a excuse for me. It's natural for our bodies to produce unpleasant odors, I still wear deodorant. I appreciate your dipping into the subject & also your recognizing & admiting that you do not understand the subject. *smiles big* There are so many who go on & on about things that they don't know about & speak in absolutes. This is another reason I tend to not like blogs. I hope any readers can see ours is conversation & not a review.

I'm glad you switched over to music when you did, Iza. It's always a fun subject! *smiles* In a sense it's what brought us together. In a sense, being a reference to the one you took your s/n from. I don't remember which song it's from but the way she sings it made me think, I'm naming my daughter Inasense. I eventually decided against it thinking I was asking for a trouble-maker w/ a name that sounds like innocence. I think I told you what name is in the running these days. I'd rather not make it public for fear it gets popular again. Do you like how my future partner has no say in the matter?? I think it's funny how so many of us make these decision before we find the other half of the equation.

Back to music, more specifically F & the M. "Your gonna love her. You have to." Well, I didn't. :( It was far from love in fact. I was mostly annoyed. Sorry, but it didn't take. The first two songs you posted got on my nerves & I wanted to shut them down before they ended. The last, however, I did enjoy. It may bring you comfort to know that I thought I would like it as I listened to your library on, & a song of her's came on that I thought was quite good. I went to check which it was, but I apparently listened to three of her tracks over my time on, so I can't be sure. But that would mean that I like @ least 2, I am annoyed by @ least 2, & @ least 2 are tolerable if not enjoyable. *smiles* That's a mixed review & far from love, unfortunately. I hope this doesn't hurt your feelings, it's just a difference in taste. Don't worry, we still have Dvorak.

3, 2, 1, I wish we could. You & your violin, me & my synth, maybe I'll have the accordion--or something new--down by the time we are in the same place. If we are ever in the same place.

Did you ever listen to St. Vincent?

This is what I'm have been listening too while typing back to you: Unfortunately, the site is rather slow & the second to the last track is not up yet.

Nothing new to report, nothing has touched me much these past few days. I saw a Coppola film called Rumble Fish that seemed terribly underrated & some days ago, I saw a really nice dance piece on television, though I don't know the name.

The weekend is here, have fun!


Thursday, July 23, 2009

'If she didn't turn my world upside down, I'd still walk on the ceiling.'

You're writing too fast , I can't keep up with answering *smiles* . But that's actually a good thing, you force me to write more frequently .

So,firstly - I am flattered that you think so about my writing. I'd rather say it sucks so much. But I am not the potential reciever so I am not the one who should assess that .
And you actually checked the song and you liked it ! That's so fantastic. I suspect you're not so excited by the song like I am - but it's rather natural . 90% of music I listen to makes me feel like dancing but because I am not a good dancer and basicly I can't dance , so I just 'swing' in my chair and sing all the songs with a big smile. I know, it is so silly and I am a little bit ashamed of that while writing it there , but actually , who cares. Everyone has it's own perversiot *winks* . I think your story reflects perfectly how we met and how the blog has been created so there's no need to write the same story twice . And I really do like 'Nine hours of difference' - it sounds kinda mysterious , don't you think ? I'd go even with more weird explanation, but then I'd feel ashamed again and I don't want that ^^ .

Now I can reply you for the latest post . Yesss , it seems I got a drive for Radiohead recently . I like to match music to my mood and because recently I feel a little bit under the weather , I listen to Radiohead.

The weather is killing me - there's incredibely hot in Poland - 32 celsius degrees, lack of wind and the air is dry. I can't function in such conditions.
Hm, after reading your story I think , that you got it right , but I'd rather say 'Only in America, especially in California' .
Personally I can't say what I think about the whole thing because I've never been to US , I just got few friends there . My thoughts are based on the general knowledge about US , from the movies, radio , newspapers and I think that you're kinda spoiled nation.
American tend to understand freedom too literally and then even a homeless guy can say that he won't take anything from you because he's a vegetarian , it sounds ridiculous.
But also,the thing is that the more possibilities we have , the more we complain and the more opportunities we turn down because we alwasy think that we deserve better .
Which is a completely natural thing, right? The more we have, the more we want.
Actually I can't talk a lot about social issues as I simply don't know what to say & think about it, I can't put myself in the place of the Poor .

I can't help myself and I have to say something about music , the will to share some stuff with you is stronger that I am *winks* .
I don't know if I showed you the band Florence and The Machine? Probably I did not.
Florence Welch is a British singer , she got really popular in Europe recently and I am absolutely in love with her. I always had a thing for redhead female singers songwriters, but that's because those women are usually great. Her album , called 'Lungs' has been released this month and it's definitely my favourite cd of the summer. She does this thing that is reserved only for few people on the earth - by putting together few simple elements she creates absolutely new musical world which literally enraptures you and absorbe that much that you can forget about the passing time, actually about everything. I am aware that it may sound cliche and lame , but that's how I regard it . I'm not a person who easily says that loves something/somebody but Florence turned my world upside down. Well , if she didn' then I'd still walk on the ceiling *smiles* . I am so over the moon with this cd ! Of course some songs are weaker, some are better. Highlights - Cosmic love, Rabbit heart (rise it up) , Hurricane drunk , Howl, Blinding, Dog days are over, My boy builds coffins, Drumming .... Hahaha , it seems I have mentioned almost whole tracklist, but who cares ^^ . And I love her accent - I am a sucker for British accent .
3, 2 , 1 .... let's play some music !

Florence and the Machine - Rabbit heart <3
Florence and the Machine - Howl
Florence and the Machine - Cosmic love

You're gonna love her. You have to.


Allergies I can Understand, or even Lactose Intolerance

Today--well, yesterday now--the fog was thick & high, allowing for minimal direct sunlight. The high was 16 degrees celsius. (I'm trying to learn the metric system, this blog might actually make that happen.) I mostly stayed in Downtown.
Hooray for indented paragraphs!
So I'm on the way to a doctors appointment up on California & Hyde. There is this homeless guy standing @ a trash bin using the top as a table. As I get closer I realize he is eating sushi. I think to myself, only in San Francisco. Is it only in San Francisco?? I've been wondering that a lot lately. A few weeks ago a friend took a group of us out to a very nice dinner @ Scala's. One member of our party didn't finish her dinner & was feeling all sorts of guilty about throwing such good food away--we all agreed it wouldn't heat up well. I suggested she give it to a homeless person as we were bound to pass by a few on the way home. Surprisingly we only passed by one between Scala's & my place. We offered & he refused, he said he was vegetarian. Don't get me wrong, I can understand someone being a vegetarian. However, I'd imagine in such a predicament one would be more lax on the matter. This was really good food. Don't worry, we found someone later. There is this guy who sits outside Osha Thai Noodle every night who I wanted to give it to. Osha is just past my place. When I got there he wasn't around but someone eventually came by. This is just a recent situation. I often hear homeless people turn down food, & though it'd be easy to write them off as junkies looking for drug money, sometimes I wonder, has the snobbery of San Francisco rub off onto even the needy?? Or is it an American thing?? Maybe it's just California or maybe it's just the times we live in.
I have to look @ myself, as I'm not in the best financial situation myself. What have I been passing up?? What have I thought I was too good for?? Now the sushi guy may not seem related, but it was that common phrase that got me thinking, Only in San Francisco...
Well, Iza, I'm afraid I don't have an answer to any of this. I don't see how this applies to you or yours. I don't seek to enlighten you w/ the state of the world. But it's definitely something I've been thinking about. To be honest when I saw that guy, I thought of our blog & writing about all sorts of "only in SF" stories, but I came to these thoughts & thought they were more interesting.
I just checked our page & you are awake now--listening to Pyramid Song. :) I'll end this now, just incase you are trying to post something yourself. But I do want to talk about my double question marks. I use them [??] to denote a rhetorical question.


p.s. I was wondering if you liked Radiohead earlier today (yesterday, now)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I hope you don't mind me using a different font. I've been thinking I need to come up w/ a nickname for you since you don't like your own. Even though I do like it so very much, & I like it's true form even more. I'm thinking this should be a sort of intro as to why we are doing this. I'll type my version of how it happened & you can type your own. It could show two points of view on the same thing. Both of us will have it slightly wrong, cos often, things are remembered differently. So I ask you this, Iza, do not read the rest of this post until you have typed out your own version of how Nine Hours of Difference came about. Or, do. *winks*

|To the public|
_The Story of How Nine Hours of Difference Came to be & it's Purpose_

Ugh. There is no underlining. So one day, on, Iza & I were talking about her blog & somehow she got the idea that I wanted to co-publish a blog w/ her. I might have said something like this, but I don't recall ever thinking anything like this. Though, through miscommunication came something great. As soon as I read the words I began to think it might be fun.

I generally think blogging is silly. Why would someone want to read this stuff?? Though, I often read blogs & enjoy them, so over the past few years my views on the subject softened. I really liked Iza's blog, the way that she writes, the unusual word choices. I pretty much love to talk to people from other countries cos of the way they talk/write & cos I like finding out about other places.

We started to work out the details--what we would write about. I started to think, about letters, pen-pals, & the public. Iza wanted to discuss annoyances, books, films, exciting things, &--if I remember correctly--"anything that touches us." I decided I couldn't careless if anyone read this but the two of us. We seemed to feel that choosing a name was rather important & discussed it @ length. There is a 9 hour difference between us; Iza is in Poland (I'll let her decide how much more detail is given) & I am in San Francisco, California. In a message she sent, she typed "9hrs of difference" rather than "a nine hour difference." Not exactly a mistake or improper, but as far as I could see an unusual choice & a perfect example of why I like to read what she types. I liked the sound of it & she liked how it represented our two sides.

At best, this will be something that the public can use to get an idea of where we live & encourage people to see these places. At worst, I'll practice writing. Most importantly, it's a fun way for us to communicate.



I love How Beautiful You Are.

Hi there.

As above , so below. Hi ! I just need to check what the whole blog thing looks like when there's actually something written in .
The first post doesn't have to make sens. It really does not.
Greetings from Poland land !
Keithen, public there something smart please , we have to make an impression that we're smart as hell.
Okay , you know I am joking. Anyway , I'll think of something better later.
For now , I'm off to take a shower and dance to The Cure
You're gonna love this tune :

"This is why I hate you! "

iza .