Thursday, August 6, 2009

Extensions of Credit & Propositions


Sounds like you would like "an SF weather." It's funny cos I always think of the UK as super cloudy. I like overcast days & people tell me that I would love London, but that is only one city. I never been, unless you count my stop off in Heathrow. It's 19 C˚ over here today & was similar yesterday, it would have been quite nice yesterday had I not worn a jacket. But I did & was running all over town, way too hot.

Even if you don't think you can write I'd still like for you to send me stuff, even if it's old or bad, & especially if it is confusing or doesn't make sense! You don't have to post it here, but I like your perspective on things. You could just send me your thoughts on things, it doesn't have to be in a lyrical format; I like being co-creators. *winks* You think in a magical way, it seems. I will definitely use things you write. Be warned that what I write, based on things you write, will not necessarily be thoughts about you. I tend to like extremes &, in turn, add a fair amount of drama & exaggeration. I also tend to mix multiple parts of my life & the lives around me to come up w/ something compelling & complex. Well, that's the idea @ least. "Something great," like I always do?? How sweet! Thank you. You are just dishing out all kinds of sweet things these days. I know you are busy & hope to hear something soon. I'm curious about your creative process? How do you go about working on music? What are your steps in composition? I'd like to help in any way.

You are online & sending me messages. *excited expression* I'll be back. ;)

Wow, I am so glad I gave you my full attention for that brief chat. I'm all sorts of wow'd. You are more than welcome to discuss you're musical ideas w/ me. I was trying to say that, but you caught me off guard w/ that complement & floored me.

I hope you enjoy your semi-vacation in the Red Dot. ; ) Take your violin w/ you. *winks* I'd like to explain these little emoticons, as they are called. When I use them they are more how I feel or to show the tone of sentence. Though when I put something in asterisks [ * ], it is something I have physically done.

I can not express how happy I am that you take what I mean as I mean it, & don't fabricate possible negativity. It is so easy to take things the wrong way online. Yesterday's video instance is a perfect example. It might be two days ago for you, or even three by the time you read this. A nine hour difference makes for some confusing references to time. :)

Great story! I'm glad you didn't do what I asked & include random details; that would have totally ruined the pacing. :) Is Anita 7 & a half hours away or 7 hours & 50 minutes. We don't use commas in time here, so I'm not sure if that is a typo, or just a difference in punctuation. Okay, so here is a little detail that you did include that I absolutely love: "the bag that didn't match & all." It puts an image in my mind as well as a bit about what you would generally do or think about. I'd like to see you when you look horrible. I also like the line w/ tears & thinking where to go, very visual. I suppose drawers are better than under pillows, but not as cute. *winks*

Nothing is wrong w/ Mussorgsky, what makes you think that something is wrong w/ him?? :) I just heard him for the first time that night & was wondering if you had heard of him? I suppose I should just assume you know any Composer worth knowing, you little scholar, you! :)

Having your word is a big deal, like, so big. I have such expectations now. I would hate to see--I don't even want to think--uh--hm… I have no reason not to trust you, Iza. Please understand I hold people to their word, & I'll be shattered should you break yours. Actually, after our chat today, I have a lot of confidence in you, & your ideals. Many say things they don't mean, but, cara, your "trust credit" is very high. I supposed I was trying to prevent you from making a deal you don't want to make, though, it's something we are both going to be held to, not just by each other but the world wide web--well, if we ever get any followers. ;)

I'm short too; we are the right size to be dance partners! As for body shape we've already discussed, & you know how I feel about it. Also the fat/skinny thing should be mentioned. The way I see it, so long as we try to keep an active life style & do a some exercise, I don't think we should worry too much. Sure, most of us have more fat than we should, & could use more muscle tone. So that's my take on that. Even if you have short legs, I wouldn't say they are "too short." You seem proportionate to me. I have long legs & a very short torso. I don't want to be taller, though I would like a longer torso. Anyway, I don't see how this makes you look any less nice in jeans, but I'm not one to say, don't wear dresses, so carry on. I really like that image, not just you, but the image as a whole. The light is beautiful in Poland. Who took it? If you have a high quality file somewhere, that could be our album cover. There is so much innuendo. Or maybe I'm just reading into things as I often do. Uoo, & the back could have me in the doorway of my place w/ the track listing on my wall. It will seem as if we are looking @ each other, though we will both be in our own parts of the world. I'll wear a pink dress too! Okay, just kidding, I'm not likely to do that. I once told a girl-friend I had never worn a dress & she was shocked for some reason. Later she dared me to put on one of hers during a sort of drinking version of Truth or Dare game. I couldn't get it over my shoulders so, I was just kinda stuck w/ my arms coming out of the top & my head where my chest should be. But yeah, that's a great image & you look nice w/ dark hair too. Thank you for sharing.

Did you tell me once that you are blonde naturally? I don't care for blonde hair, or I don't care for dyed blonde hair. Then again anything can be good if it's right for the person. Though, as I said, I'm a sucker for dyed red hair, I blame cartoons and comic books. Have you re-dyed your hair yet? I'm curious about your new red-brown.

History is awesome when you have the right teacher, sadly, I rarely did. It's interesting to learn from our mistakes. I have no interest in what year some country went to war, or the date, or who won & when. I do, however, see value in learning why a country went to war & how they could have avoided it, so that we can avoid them in the future, or any other lessons to learn. When we first started this blog, we spoke of the Polish accent, I tried to find it online, but was distracted by The History of Poland in 10 Minutes--what a waste of ten minutes. It was more a timeline of Polish war than a history lesson.

I had a felling you would mention a camera. I'd prefer you to write though, for the sake of our album @ least. I smoke too, though not usually during the day. I have kinda stopped as I'm broke, but who knows I could give in @ any time. Besides, smoking is cool & sexy, more children should smoke! I'm just kidding. Health aside, it's terribly addictive & costly, not to mention bad for the environment. I'd consider any non-smoker lucky. Why do you hate when someone brushes against you? That is so funny. How long ago did you start riding the trains? Again, confused my commas. Thank you for all of those answers; you really didn't have to do that. I think I mentioned that you didn't have to. Though, I am really happy you did. I really like your willingness to share.

This is way too long already, I'll try to throw in pieces of LA & SF other times. Thanks so much for the offer, Iza. Poland just shot up on my list of places to visit. I might take you up on that offer, one day, but it will be far from now. You can stay here too, though I live in the front room of a one bedroom apartment. However, sometimes, like now, I don't have a room-mate so there is an empty room. Seriously, you should visit before school starts, the weather is about to get perfect for you! You could use a break from children & animals, & I am w/o both. *smiles*

Tell me about this wedding? Do you know the people or is this a job?

Let's Play Some Music !

Albums I listened to while typing this way long entry:

David Bowie - Young Americans

of Montreal - Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer?

Lazy Loons - Almost Pueblos



Some nice strings for your creative nurture by Radiohead

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