Monday, July 27, 2009

the title will find itself.

Firstly , I'd like to apologize I didn't reply you earlier , but I haven't been at home for 3 days , then I got sick - actually I am still not feeling very well and I wasn't able to write.
I suffer from an inflamation of the ear and it hurts as hell , especially when I listen to music ... so generally , it sucks . But I hope I will be good till wednesday *smiles* .

Such a long post you've written there , oh my god. Oh no , I was almost sure you're gonna like Florence but well , seems you don't like this kind of music and actually that's okay ^^ . Next time I'll try to find something more appropriate for you .

Today I got a job. I'm gonna be a babysitter of my mom's friend and it's actually quite good job, especially that she lives next to our place and it's like spending time with my brother, so I can say I got lucky ^^ . Actually I need money right now - there's plenty of awesome gigs around and I got to be there and at the same time i don't want to take all those money from my parents.
It seems I'm gonna hear Fever Ray , Jon Hopkins , Tim Exile , Calvin Harris , MGMT , Tori Amos, Aphex Twin and much more in the next 2 moths ^^ omg , I am so excited ! aaaaaaa , this is absolutely amazing . I think I may explode there ;D .

You know what ? I didn't find anything touching recenly too and It is sad. But I got something else for you , as I know you love to analyze - some lyrics. Even though it wasn't meant to be lyrics ... I mean I have no idea what that was meant for , I found this on my computer an hour ago and I thought I may show you that .

She said 'Please , come over and break the silence'
I get so frustrated
We are a riddle
And I dont know the keywords
Theres a wall between us made of bulletproof glass
She said 'If i am weak , you dont exist'

And every night when we're going out
Stars start exploding inside our minds
Its a swirl , swirl of killing sounds .

Weird , isn't that ? I have no idea what can that mean ;D

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