Friday, July 24, 2009

Crawling verses Walking


No, it's doesn't suck--you should proof read though. More people should proof read, blogs especially. |Ya hear that internet community?? When you type something, go over it. Check for spelling errors, grammatical mistakes, & punctuation. I'm not looking for perfection, or even trying to take away from the manner in which one speaks--I like to see blogs in spoken script--just look like you tried. Of course, this is coming from the dyslexic guy.| But what I was saying was the words that you use are often so unusual, & I think it's good. I like it a lot. What does, "but I am not the potential receiver so I am not the one who should asses that," mean? You are the receiver of the complement.

I don't think I can use a single word to express clearly my feeling of How Beautiful You Are. I liked it is a gross understatement. I've been into that song since I was about 14 or 15. That, w/ If Only Tonight We Could Sleep, & Like Cockatoos are my favorite tracks on Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me. I tried to bring the lyrics in for a poetry reading assignment in High School, but was told that lyrics were not allowed. I was very upset, but then again I usually was upset in high school.

Who cares, indeed. I do actually. Not to say, that I expect you stop, but that I care to know those details of your life. In this text driven acquaintance, it's those little details that will allow us to get to know each other. I don't think anyone thinks dance is a perversion. Definitely not the right word, but I think I get it. Wait, it's followed by a wink, maybe it's a play on words--see you are good--& I'd have to agree.

It's hard to discuss the phrase nine hours of difference, it sounds metaphoric, I suppose. It's like a workday is 8, so 9 hours later is much different than that initial hour. I mean the mood an hour after getting off of work is much better than one's first hour of work. The same could be said about sleep time, as 8 hours is the supposed ideal sleep time. Both of these 8 hour segments are sort of standards in America. Our lives lose these two 8 hour slots every day, so 9 is an interesting choice. However, it wasn't a choice @ all, it was a fact: There is a 9 hour difference between you & me. But like I said, your way of putting it sounds much more poetic. I'd like you to loose some of this shame. Hopefully, you mean embarrassed not ashamed. Maybe you can send me a personal message explaining. *smiles hopefully*

Yeah, I can't remember what Radiohead I was listening too when I thought that.

Are you sick or just hot?

Speaking of the weather, I forgot my report. I've not been out today, but it's pretty cold in my apartment. I even had to put the range on. It's says it's currently 15 C˚ which isn't that cold. The fog did just break though, & the sun is leaking into the courtyard. I just stopped liking this blog's post box & had to move everything into TextEdit, which is like Notepad for Mac. Speaking of which, can we get rid of all this bright green on our page? Anyway, I didn't realize it got hot up in Poland, it seems so far north. Some time ago, you mentioned going to the pool & I thought that was more for swimming than for cooling off. I too don't do well in the heat. That could be a large part of why I was angry during my high school years.

I want to explain that the experiences I mentioned were in SF, not anywhere else in this country. I don't think either of us can speak for the country on a whole. I think I know what you mean when you say, a spoiled nation, though I don't think that is a very good way to put it. We are privileged, we are lucky, but our people brought us here (immigrants included), it's not as if we are getting hand outs. Though, I was talking about hand outs, wasn't I?? *smiles* What do you mean by, understand freedom too literally? We have laws, it's not anarchy over here. The next part I totally agree w/ & was what I was getting @ & questioning w/in myself. Yes, I do think it's natural, but that's never been a excuse for me. It's natural for our bodies to produce unpleasant odors, I still wear deodorant. I appreciate your dipping into the subject & also your recognizing & admiting that you do not understand the subject. *smiles big* There are so many who go on & on about things that they don't know about & speak in absolutes. This is another reason I tend to not like blogs. I hope any readers can see ours is conversation & not a review.

I'm glad you switched over to music when you did, Iza. It's always a fun subject! *smiles* In a sense it's what brought us together. In a sense, being a reference to the one you took your s/n from. I don't remember which song it's from but the way she sings it made me think, I'm naming my daughter Inasense. I eventually decided against it thinking I was asking for a trouble-maker w/ a name that sounds like innocence. I think I told you what name is in the running these days. I'd rather not make it public for fear it gets popular again. Do you like how my future partner has no say in the matter?? I think it's funny how so many of us make these decision before we find the other half of the equation.

Back to music, more specifically F & the M. "Your gonna love her. You have to." Well, I didn't. :( It was far from love in fact. I was mostly annoyed. Sorry, but it didn't take. The first two songs you posted got on my nerves & I wanted to shut them down before they ended. The last, however, I did enjoy. It may bring you comfort to know that I thought I would like it as I listened to your library on, & a song of her's came on that I thought was quite good. I went to check which it was, but I apparently listened to three of her tracks over my time on, so I can't be sure. But that would mean that I like @ least 2, I am annoyed by @ least 2, & @ least 2 are tolerable if not enjoyable. *smiles* That's a mixed review & far from love, unfortunately. I hope this doesn't hurt your feelings, it's just a difference in taste. Don't worry, we still have Dvorak.

3, 2, 1, I wish we could. You & your violin, me & my synth, maybe I'll have the accordion--or something new--down by the time we are in the same place. If we are ever in the same place.

Did you ever listen to St. Vincent?

This is what I'm have been listening too while typing back to you: Unfortunately, the site is rather slow & the second to the last track is not up yet.

Nothing new to report, nothing has touched me much these past few days. I saw a Coppola film called Rumble Fish that seemed terribly underrated & some days ago, I saw a really nice dance piece on television, though I don't know the name.

The weekend is here, have fun!


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