Thursday, July 23, 2009

Allergies I can Understand, or even Lactose Intolerance

Today--well, yesterday now--the fog was thick & high, allowing for minimal direct sunlight. The high was 16 degrees celsius. (I'm trying to learn the metric system, this blog might actually make that happen.) I mostly stayed in Downtown.
Hooray for indented paragraphs!
So I'm on the way to a doctors appointment up on California & Hyde. There is this homeless guy standing @ a trash bin using the top as a table. As I get closer I realize he is eating sushi. I think to myself, only in San Francisco. Is it only in San Francisco?? I've been wondering that a lot lately. A few weeks ago a friend took a group of us out to a very nice dinner @ Scala's. One member of our party didn't finish her dinner & was feeling all sorts of guilty about throwing such good food away--we all agreed it wouldn't heat up well. I suggested she give it to a homeless person as we were bound to pass by a few on the way home. Surprisingly we only passed by one between Scala's & my place. We offered & he refused, he said he was vegetarian. Don't get me wrong, I can understand someone being a vegetarian. However, I'd imagine in such a predicament one would be more lax on the matter. This was really good food. Don't worry, we found someone later. There is this guy who sits outside Osha Thai Noodle every night who I wanted to give it to. Osha is just past my place. When I got there he wasn't around but someone eventually came by. This is just a recent situation. I often hear homeless people turn down food, & though it'd be easy to write them off as junkies looking for drug money, sometimes I wonder, has the snobbery of San Francisco rub off onto even the needy?? Or is it an American thing?? Maybe it's just California or maybe it's just the times we live in.
I have to look @ myself, as I'm not in the best financial situation myself. What have I been passing up?? What have I thought I was too good for?? Now the sushi guy may not seem related, but it was that common phrase that got me thinking, Only in San Francisco...
Well, Iza, I'm afraid I don't have an answer to any of this. I don't see how this applies to you or yours. I don't seek to enlighten you w/ the state of the world. But it's definitely something I've been thinking about. To be honest when I saw that guy, I thought of our blog & writing about all sorts of "only in SF" stories, but I came to these thoughts & thought they were more interesting.
I just checked our page & you are awake now--listening to Pyramid Song. :) I'll end this now, just incase you are trying to post something yourself. But I do want to talk about my double question marks. I use them [??] to denote a rhetorical question.


p.s. I was wondering if you liked Radiohead earlier today (yesterday, now)

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