Thursday, July 23, 2009

'If she didn't turn my world upside down, I'd still walk on the ceiling.'

You're writing too fast , I can't keep up with answering *smiles* . But that's actually a good thing, you force me to write more frequently .

So,firstly - I am flattered that you think so about my writing. I'd rather say it sucks so much. But I am not the potential reciever so I am not the one who should assess that .
And you actually checked the song and you liked it ! That's so fantastic. I suspect you're not so excited by the song like I am - but it's rather natural . 90% of music I listen to makes me feel like dancing but because I am not a good dancer and basicly I can't dance , so I just 'swing' in my chair and sing all the songs with a big smile. I know, it is so silly and I am a little bit ashamed of that while writing it there , but actually , who cares. Everyone has it's own perversiot *winks* . I think your story reflects perfectly how we met and how the blog has been created so there's no need to write the same story twice . And I really do like 'Nine hours of difference' - it sounds kinda mysterious , don't you think ? I'd go even with more weird explanation, but then I'd feel ashamed again and I don't want that ^^ .

Now I can reply you for the latest post . Yesss , it seems I got a drive for Radiohead recently . I like to match music to my mood and because recently I feel a little bit under the weather , I listen to Radiohead.

The weather is killing me - there's incredibely hot in Poland - 32 celsius degrees, lack of wind and the air is dry. I can't function in such conditions.
Hm, after reading your story I think , that you got it right , but I'd rather say 'Only in America, especially in California' .
Personally I can't say what I think about the whole thing because I've never been to US , I just got few friends there . My thoughts are based on the general knowledge about US , from the movies, radio , newspapers and I think that you're kinda spoiled nation.
American tend to understand freedom too literally and then even a homeless guy can say that he won't take anything from you because he's a vegetarian , it sounds ridiculous.
But also,the thing is that the more possibilities we have , the more we complain and the more opportunities we turn down because we alwasy think that we deserve better .
Which is a completely natural thing, right? The more we have, the more we want.
Actually I can't talk a lot about social issues as I simply don't know what to say & think about it, I can't put myself in the place of the Poor .

I can't help myself and I have to say something about music , the will to share some stuff with you is stronger that I am *winks* .
I don't know if I showed you the band Florence and The Machine? Probably I did not.
Florence Welch is a British singer , she got really popular in Europe recently and I am absolutely in love with her. I always had a thing for redhead female singers songwriters, but that's because those women are usually great. Her album , called 'Lungs' has been released this month and it's definitely my favourite cd of the summer. She does this thing that is reserved only for few people on the earth - by putting together few simple elements she creates absolutely new musical world which literally enraptures you and absorbe that much that you can forget about the passing time, actually about everything. I am aware that it may sound cliche and lame , but that's how I regard it . I'm not a person who easily says that loves something/somebody but Florence turned my world upside down. Well , if she didn' then I'd still walk on the ceiling *smiles* . I am so over the moon with this cd ! Of course some songs are weaker, some are better. Highlights - Cosmic love, Rabbit heart (rise it up) , Hurricane drunk , Howl, Blinding, Dog days are over, My boy builds coffins, Drumming .... Hahaha , it seems I have mentioned almost whole tracklist, but who cares ^^ . And I love her accent - I am a sucker for British accent .
3, 2 , 1 .... let's play some music !

Florence and the Machine - Rabbit heart <3
Florence and the Machine - Howl
Florence and the Machine - Cosmic love

You're gonna love her. You have to.


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