Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Draw me a Sketch & I'll be the Devil in your Details


I'm sort of out of it & I'd much prefer to be chatting w/ you than letter writing, but I have coffee & we have work to do. :) It's overcast still but warmer @ 21 C˚. I already hate doing the weather every time, but I hope it will help me & unfortunately only time will tell.

I was up until about 3:30 last night working on our 1st song. I had this zany idea of going backwards & starting w/ the vocals. Stupid. Not to mention I'm arguably, a bad singer. But I'll get back to all of this later.

When you say your hands feel 'heavy' do you mean asleep? Like there was no blood in them? When I wrote something to break the silence I hoped you could imagine the music that would fit the piece we wrote. This would allow you to listen to music w/o the use of your ears. Oh, well, you seem better enough to listen again. *smiles* Or maybe I read your mind when I wrote it, or your sent me a telepathic message, who knows.

Did I mention that the St. Vincent album Actor was done as an exercise & recording entirely in Garage Band? She thought, just for practice, that she would score some of her favorite film scenes & when she was done, she had an album. That's what I heard anyway.

There is that word chuffed again. It's so strange, sounds so negative but is totally positive. I like our differences too, Iza. The whole point of this blog is to celebrate diversity. That's the excuse anyway. ;)

So for the next bit I get all kinds of flattered, & bashful, & just, I don't know. I'll just say, thank you. But also, thank you for sharing. I like this co-creator thing too. I hope we do more co-writing. So what do you say, album out by Christmas???

I really serious about this, you make the sketch & I'll be the devil in your details thing. Send me a few tracks, don't mess w/ them, just send solid recordings of solid performances. You have to find Andrew Bird videos, weather you like his music or not you could get some much out of seeing all the stuff he does w/ one violin--which is why it must be a video.

Okay, I sort of have to leave so this is gonna get sloppy. I'll send my revision of the lyrics to you soon w/ music ideas I have. Lustful is a good one. Did we already discuss the thing that's bothering you, or was it about the lyrics? Already discussed Julian Plenti in chat. I tried to put the green to find one that worked better, failed. Maybe we could switch it up, take turns or something.

Here's some Mr. Bird ;)


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