Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lustful <3

It's midnight , I just got up - in fact I was just taking a nap,I feel unbelievebly tired today. And my hands feel so ... heavy? Weird. I can't decide what I'd like to listen to , so I am looking for something that actually could break the silence ;D .

1 - In this context the reciever was the reader . I am not writing the blog for myslef, I mean personally I am because nobody reads that in general, but I was thinking more about the idea of blog .
2 - US is a very liberal country and people generally tend to take everything too literally and sometimes they overuse some values, like freedom. The case with the homeless man is a ridiculous proof of that for me - he has chosen to be a vegetarian because that what freedom gives you - a right to choose what is better for you- but being a homeless , what probably he didn't choose to be, by making this choice he doesn't help himself at all, by rejecting food that contains meat. I hope you understand what I want to say ... ? People makes choices not because it may help them but because they have a possibility to choose whatever they think of. Of course I don't wanna be offensive or rude , that's just how I see that , on the basis of what I've ever read/seen/heard/watched.
3 - I did listen to St.Vincent and in fact, i am listening to her right now ^^ pretty nice stuff , but I don't think she will become my favourite artist .

You don't have to love each artist I'm gonna show you there, it's absolutely natural . I'm glad we have different,though alike musical tastes - then I'll be even more chuffed If I finally find something we both like ^^ .

The poem/lyrics thing was actually reaaaally old - I'm afraid you may be right , I was like 13-14 yrs old I guess . But I had no idea what I can write to you there ... *smiles*.
But , it happend it was a good thing because I absolutely love your improved version .
It's great to be a creator , but even better to be a co-creator . I couldn't think about something more beautiful , seriously. It's brilliant , and terrific.
I don't wanna change, I don't wanna add and edit anything there .

I had few programms - Sibelius , FruityLoopStudio and Audacity. I haven't discovered all special effects there yet - it's really time-consuming , but when you work on something too long it can be simply exhausting . And I am not patient enough recently so It just annoys me when something doesn't want to work as I wished it to. Plus , devil is in details so while the 'sketch' is easy to compose , the deatils can kill you , even if you love music so much . *smiles*

And I love the word 'lustful' ! I don't know why , it just sounds so beautifully .

There is actually one think that keeps bothering me , but it's for another post I guess.

Oh , and the music . Music music music :
Julian Plenti - Only if you run
I don't know if you know Interpol , but that's the solo project of the frontman , Paul Banks under the name Julian Plenti and actually it's my recent discovery , so I may show you that , we'll see if you like this kind of music *winks*.


p.s. I like the idea with links . And I am pleased you like the colours, even thought I prefered the green there . But it's really not a big deal , what is important it's a content,not the form of the blog ! ^^

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