Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I hope you don't mind me using a different font. I've been thinking I need to come up w/ a nickname for you since you don't like your own. Even though I do like it so very much, & I like it's true form even more. I'm thinking this should be a sort of intro as to why we are doing this. I'll type my version of how it happened & you can type your own. It could show two points of view on the same thing. Both of us will have it slightly wrong, cos often, things are remembered differently. So I ask you this, Iza, do not read the rest of this post until you have typed out your own version of how Nine Hours of Difference came about. Or, do. *winks*

|To the public|
_The Story of How Nine Hours of Difference Came to be & it's Purpose_

Ugh. There is no underlining. So one day, on, Iza & I were talking about her blog & somehow she got the idea that I wanted to co-publish a blog w/ her. I might have said something like this, but I don't recall ever thinking anything like this. Though, through miscommunication came something great. As soon as I read the words I began to think it might be fun.

I generally think blogging is silly. Why would someone want to read this stuff?? Though, I often read blogs & enjoy them, so over the past few years my views on the subject softened. I really liked Iza's blog, the way that she writes, the unusual word choices. I pretty much love to talk to people from other countries cos of the way they talk/write & cos I like finding out about other places.

We started to work out the details--what we would write about. I started to think, about letters, pen-pals, & the public. Iza wanted to discuss annoyances, books, films, exciting things, &--if I remember correctly--"anything that touches us." I decided I couldn't careless if anyone read this but the two of us. We seemed to feel that choosing a name was rather important & discussed it @ length. There is a 9 hour difference between us; Iza is in Poland (I'll let her decide how much more detail is given) & I am in San Francisco, California. In a message she sent, she typed "9hrs of difference" rather than "a nine hour difference." Not exactly a mistake or improper, but as far as I could see an unusual choice & a perfect example of why I like to read what she types. I liked the sound of it & she liked how it represented our two sides.

At best, this will be something that the public can use to get an idea of where we live & encourage people to see these places. At worst, I'll practice writing. Most importantly, it's a fun way for us to communicate.



I love How Beautiful You Are.

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