Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Something to Break the Silence

Get better. No music--sad. But you're listening now & so am I. At the moment you are listening to all kinds of The Kills & I'm listening Black Star on Jurassic 5 Radio via Last. It's 16 C˚ & the sky is it's usual summer time grey. The fog is high & thick still so it might warm up if it brakes. My alarm just went off, it's 11am, but I woke up @ 7:30 for some reason. But back to your ailments. When you, of all people, can't listen to music it's a sad time indeed, @ least there is always reading. :)

This one will be long too, so I hope you are ready. First, all the questions you didn't answer last time: What does, "but I am not the potential receiver so I am not the one who should asses that," mean? What do you mean by, understand freedom too literally? Did you ever listen to St. Vincent?

Moving on. What a fantastic response to me not liking something you love. Though I do like some of her stuff. Often people recommend things & I'm like, ehh, then they get all worked up like I called their baby ugly. To be honest, I did wonder if your delay was cos you were upset, but then I figured it was just cos it was the weekend.

I just got this idea that we should have links to these bands we love so much so others can check them out.

Congratulations on your new job!!! That's so great. I also think it's great that you are considering your parents pocket book. As for the bands you are going to see I'm only into Tori on that list. I don't think I've even heard of most of them. Maybe I'll hear them on your Radio Station some time. I'm gonna do that right now. Or after this Chali 2na track.

Okay. Now. How Beautiful You Are is on, that's funny.

On to this poem/these lyrics. Did you write this? How long ago? I kinda don't think you wrote it. Or your english was far from it's current state. Maybe you were, like, 13. I don't think it's that good. I like a lot of the ideas, but the execution is sloppy. It's hard to analyze as I can't make much sense of any of it. I mean, I could make all kinds of cool stuff up but it'd be more my own ideas than context. Oh my gawd, you have so many redheads in your library. Sorry, I got distracted. Um, so I'm going to pretend you asked me to co-write some lyrics w/ you. Then take what I'm guessing is yours & then you might get an idea of what I think of this. : \ Ouu! Then you can rewrite it w/ your interpretation of what I do. We will carry on & on until we get something we both like. Then, maybe we can record a song just sending files back & forth.

She said, "the title will find itself"
I get frustrated w/ this riddle
Of what we are
I can't find the lines to say
Or the key words in her's
I can see her clearly
& she sees me
But there's a wall between us
A wall of bullet proof glass

She said, "if I am weak, you don't exist"
I get frustrated w/ this riddle
Of what we are
& we walk the streets until
sitting on steps
behind a closed shop

Stars start to explode inside our minds
& we pretend the summer night is cooler than it is
It's a swirl of untied laces & finger tips
A swirl of the killing sounds
A swirl in my head as her's nuzzles against mine
& that sound of hair against hair
the fibers shifting as our heads roll
like gears in a clock
It's a swirl of messy hair
until noses touch

Then a swirl of the killing sounds
Of quick hearts out of sync
Of swallows we hide
Of poses changing
Of bracelets falling to forearms
Of hands on necks
Of parting lips
Of stuttering exhales
Of lips sliding over dents
& tongues clicking
& fingers in hair

She said, "please come over & break the silence."

So there you go, I clearly think it's about 2 young people that don't know how to define their relationship. That is the frustration & the riddle--& in a sense the key words. The glass wall is the separation despite seeing an interest on the other's part. "If I am weak, you don't exist" means if she cannot overcome her fears of commitment the writer will disappear from her life. Though it's not clear if the writer knows this or if the writer has the same fears or not. Going out is spending time together, swirls & exploding stars are lustful thoughts &/or actions. I decided "the killing sounds" were literal sounds as that gives chance for the song to change & pick up & musically blow up. I also decided the first line was a better last line & the title of your last post was a better first quote to clarify this ambiguous relationship.

It could still use some work but it's more fleshed out. I'm getting some ideas for music. Try to come up w/ some melodies. I imagine 3 parts or movements. I wanted to tell you about Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, but this is long enough, & we have a song to co-write & record. What was that name of the recording program you mentioned the other day? Sign-in sometimes so we can chat.


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